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a girl and her kitteh

January 26th, 2019 @ 4:46 pm

this has been one of my favorite images for yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrs…  i’ve been adding it to all of my digital collages for about, or over a decade.  i have even thought of getting it as a tattoo because it warms my heart so much, because it makes me think of me and my kitteh. ♥  i really wish i could find a print of this and purchase it.  the only problem is, I HAVE NO IDEA WHO MADE IT.

i’ve done a reverse image search, googled with keywords, searched pinterest, etc. – it’s just been reposted to death, and i can’t find the source.  unfortunately, i found this on tumblr so many years ago and the dimwits that use it never source properly, and the notes on the one i keep finding is like 22k+ people… that would take forever to go through…  😐

i’m thinking perhaps someone, maybe even the creator, will find this post one day reverse image searching and will be able to help me.

please note: i have no idea what the OG image looks like.  i’ve always just had this cropped, smaller version of it.  i edited the image to make it work by completing the top and bottom of the bed, and the table next to it.  it also had to be enlarged to fit into a wallpaper, so the brightness/contrast and quality of the image had to change as well, but i included the image i have above.

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