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ohhh, wallpaper resolutions

January 20th, 2019 @ 7:33 pm

my sister texted me a screenshot that she’s using one of my newest wallpapers, that i knew was going to be right up her alley…  upon looking closer, i realized that the bars i usually place behind the time and battery percentage were off.  i mean, not SUPER DUPER awkwardly off, but off enough for me to start making higher resolution wallpapers for y’all.

i definitely cringed – MY APOLOGIES!

if you want a wallpaper that isn’t properly sized for your device, you can let me know via email, and i’d gladly upload a properly sized version for you.

as new phones come out, the resolutions will keep changing.  i’ve got 300+ wallpapers on the site, so it’ll be a longggggg work in progress to convert all of them… but moving forward, all new ones will have the option for higher-res devices (ie: iphone X).

♥ jess

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