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astro zombies // an ode to nyssa

February 16th, 2020 @ 2:03 pm

back when we bloggers first conquered the internet in the late 90s/early 2000s, we had rad domain layouts on our self-hosted blogs.  one of my favorite blogs/domains was zombieotic.org.  nyssa always had really cool design style, and clearly great taste in music (misfits is one of my favorite bands).  i always loved that she was one of those paint shop pro people vs. photoshop – there was always a different style to those PSP peeps that i loved.  anyways, this graphic has come from computer to computer over the years in an inspiration folder.  truth be told, i always wanted to make it a myspace contact table back in the day, but out of respect, i didn’t.  i couldn’t find nyssa to ask permission after a while once her site was down.  i mean, i still can’t… so i guess this is a plea.  i did finally break down and try to recreate it in a way, but i am here stating clearly that it is not my OG design.  the colors are so good and glenn was so hot.

anyways, nyssa, if you’re out there ever googling yourself (ya never know)… i hope you love this version.  thank you for making something so rad and timeless.  it still resets my creative brain’s palette from time to time!  your art lives on<3  i did my best, lol. – jess

new wallpaper: ASTRO ZOMBIES


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