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hello friends!

December 20th, 2022 @ 11:41 pm

i know it’s been a while… i just wanted to let everyone know that i’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff as of recently. i made sure every wallpaper on this site has a tall version of it, and switched the main images to the taller ones vs. the shorter ones. i honestly left the shorter versions mostly because i still use an iphone SE (lol, i love my home button, don’t judge me!) and it’s easier for me to save them directly… but i looked through my site tracking and saw which devices are most popular and made the taller ones the default for y’all (HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ME TO YOU!).

what else?

oh… i’ve updated a bunch of wallpapers. i had less than like 20 wallpapers that were missing taller versions, but the ones that were sometimes needed to be done all over again. i also want to get rid of the top bar and bar behind the time area, since the lockscreens have now changed on iphone and the placement is always different for androids.

a perfect example of a wallpaper that’s been revamped: lloyd dobler holding up the boombox from the scene in say anything.

i have no idea where the photoshop file with the layers went, so i had to make it from scratch again, so the background is different and lloyd himself is a tad different. i also went from iphone to spotify to keep up with the times… here are the images:


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