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wallpaper shuffle!

December 19th, 2023 @ 10:19 am

after yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers of waiting… ios FINALLY let us iphone users have wallpaper shuffle (not sure if that was already an android thing or not…)!

anyways, you can shuffle up to 50 wallpapers and set it to change on a specific basis.  mine is set to every time the lock screen goes on and off, but you can do it hourly, daily and so on…  you can make several different instances, so you can theme them.  i only have one for “regular” (non-holidays) and one setup for the holidays, so far.

so with this pleasure comes pain, but of course.

when you pinch the wallpaper into the correct size (sometimes they are HUGE when you first set them, but they’re all the same dimension/sized files?) – a white gradient now enters the chat up at the top.  for some odd reason iphone decided 15 years later, they give a shit about making the time visually accessible even over busy wallpapers, and this was their grand solution?  …sigh.  there’s no option to turn it off, either (of course), so you have to just pinch until it sizes to your liking and you have to find the sweet spot when the stupid gradient starts appearing.  it takes one or two times to figure it out, but once you do, it’s easy to deal with… just annoying.

so yeah, if you didn’t know you could do that, start a lil wallpaper folder and get to saving!

how to shuffle:

1. settings > wallpaper
2. + add new wallpaper (blue button at the bottom) > photo shuffle (purple circle icon at the top)
3. select photos manually (at the bottom) > select photos > add (at the top)
4. it’ll ask if you want to “set as wallpaper pair” (BORING!) or customize home screen (not all wallpapers are made to be for home screen – they can be too distracting!  there’s an entire section here for proper home screen wallpapers)
5. set the shuffle frequency: once you’ve setup your wallpaper, go into wallpapers and hit the 3 dots icon at the bottom right area of the screen.  you can select your shuffle preference here.  i set mine to “on lock”.

how to delete a wallpaper (theme):

1. lock your phone
2. hold down in the middle of your screen > unlock phone
3. once you see your wallpaper(s) come up, just swipe up on what you want to delete and you’ll see a small trash can icon

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