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wallpaper general info


i’m not selling anything here!  graphic design has always been a hobby of mine, and i just wanted to share rad wallpapers with y’all.

i find various images from all over the internet (usually sourced incorrectly or not at all), and whenever possible, i reach out to artists i can to source them.  i seek out permission to use their art, i don’t just put it up there without permission.  if you find your work marked without credit or if it shouldn’t be there for legal reasons, please let me know… i will gladly take it down or will gladly credit you properly.  this would only happen if i find an image online that isn’t tagged properly or i can’t reverse search to find you – but i always try my best to do so (MY APOLOGIES AHEAD OF TIME!!!).


sizing/feature placements:

if these wallpapers don’t fit your device, if you don’t see the size you’re looking for on a particular wallpaper or something is being blocked on your screen (something in the wallpaper is interfering with the clock, for instance), you can request it or ask for help – i don’t mind helping!  i offer some ipad/tablet wallpapers on older wallpapers. if tablet size is available, the download button will automatically show for download. if you want one for a ipad/tablet and it doesn’t exist, contact me!


wallpaper requests

if you have any wallpaper requests, i have a page for that!  please make sure you use a valid/correct email address in case i have a follow up question for your request.


most of these are intended and suggested for the lock screen vs the home screen.

i think that icons floating over these wallpapers might be a bit too busy on the eyes… so i made a category just for homescreen wallpapers for minimal designs that can live behind icons without distraction! (but use as you desire, of course)


apple watch wallpapers

if you go to this page, you’ll see all of the available apple watch wallpapers at once and not organized in any way other than date added (latest first).  outside of that page and throughout the site – if you see a wallpaper you like, click on it and if an apple watch wallpaper exists for it, it’ll be on the wallpaper detail page.

if you don’t see an apple watch wallpaper available, it’s either not a great layout for the watch (usually because of where the time/date sits) or i haven’t made it yet.  like any other desired wallpaper that isn’t available, you can request it!



if you’d like to support the URC brand or send me a lil cash tip (you could buy me an iced latte or a chocolate/PB smoothie!), i would truly appreciate your generosity. ty ty ty!

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