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the black cure division

June 16th, 2019 @ 11:43 am

i found this shirt on a goth meme instagram feed a few weeks ago, and of course was like OMG i need to own it, it’s fucking hysterical.

it turns out it isn’t available in my size anymore in black, so i did the next best thing, i just slapped it into a totally free, super rad wallpaper file with one change.  i am always conflicted when i use other people’s art on stuff, but this is a rare case of “this is completely stolen anyway”, so i give not one fuck.  as ironic and furny as it is to have a smiths song on it, i switched gears over to a depeche mode song, so i didn’t just straight up jock it.

i also made a variation of this sometime early last year here. yes, i am one of those people that hate on fools that wear this without knowing what it is.

i also hope no goth snobs find it and tear me to shreds because they don’t find DM goth enough…   i realize that the snobs like to discredit DM as a goth band, and FINE.  by the book, they’re not – but goths DO listen to DM, so shaddahp.  they’re fucking synthy dark wave, get over it.

also: black celebration is WAY dark and right up a goth’s alley.
also also: the smiths aren’t goth at all, soooo if that’s the standard, i just shot it down.

i also remade the graphic from scratch into a high-res t-shirt and had it printed for myself, so i get to have one in black, and in my size!  it’s lovely being a graphic designer/nerd. ♥

if you want the smith’s version, here they are (click em, they will open in a new tab):


IPHONE (6/7/8ish)

i also made a less obscure DM version, in case you didn’t understand “black celebration” (click em, they will open in a new tab):


IPHONE (6/7/8ish)

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