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coronavirus ate my mojo

March 24th, 2020 @ 4:59 pm

hey guys!

if you’re a regular around here, you’d know that i usually don’t have a lot of time in between sets of new wallpapers.  i looked up, and suddenly it was almost 20 days since the last time i added a new one.  that’s probably the longest i’ve ever gone since i started this website.  i gotta admit, the only reason i haven’t been making anything is because i’ve been stuck in the house (against my will) and that sucks up my creativity.

this coronavirus shit is really messing with me mentally.  not the virus itself, which yes, is quite scary…  but everything that comes along with it.  i hate not being in at my office, i hate breaking routine, i hate working from home, i hate not being in the city every day.  i miss my friends. i miss beer. I MISS COFFEE (yeah, i have been so anxious/stressed out that i stopped drinking my precious espresso – maybe it’s a good thing?).

anyways, i’m really sorry – i promise i’ll have some new wallpapers as soon as this settles in my brain and i calm down.  i’ve  been super antsy and creatively blocked.

thanks for being here, and reading this.  i hope you’re all staying safe (AND INSIDE).


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