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graffy graff

April 5th, 2020 @ 12:55 pm


when i lived in rego park, i still got to observe graff on the regs.  living in bayside (the burbs of queens) is creatively draining, i don’t get to see anything urban/artsy.  i miss seeing shit like this roll by near home… one day when i was grabbing starbucks across the street from my apartment, and i caught jeffrey’s lil box truck! ♥ if you’re into NYC graffiti, you probably know who korn was.  i hope you enjoy it if you were/are a fan.  i’m glad i caught this at least once in the wild. ♥

i decided to find the original, untouched shot of the piece and put it over the back of the truck, since that kid decided to tag over it (boooooo!).  the original image above is the picture i took on queens blvd and used for the wallpaper.  you can view the edited wallpaper here.

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