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wallpaper sizing alerrrrt!

April 12th, 2020 @ 12:50 am

sooooooooo, when i started this site a few years ago, i was only making iphone 6/7 and ipad size wallpapers. i have no idea why i didn’t take other devices into account, but i started going through the site looking for wallpapers that didn’t have taller ones recently, and i added them wherever possible.  if you come across one that doesn’t have a version for taller/bigger phones, it was because i couldn’t find the raw file to recreate it.  i also realized that the bars i was adding for the time/battery bar and the time area weren’t lining up with phones that weren’t iphones, so i replaced a lot of those with a faded gradient.

if you find any wallpaper that you want that doesn’t have an ipad/tablet version and you’d like one, you can email me.  i don’t mind taking requests at all.

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