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societal contributions

June 23rd, 2020 @ 8:25 pm

after going over my statistics in the last month, i can see a huge surge in traffic for wallpapers categorized under “political”, “activism” and “society” wallpapersI LOVE IT.  i’m sorry i don’t have that many, but i’ll add more with time.

i just wanted to say hi, i’m glad you found this website, and thank you using those wallpapers (if you did use one).  if it’s not currently obvious enough – 666URC is 10000000000000000% in support of BLACK LIVES MATTER, anti-racism, putting an end to police brutality and uprooting the evil that is the corruption in police departments and in politics.  i am not super into politics, but i am SUPER into progression for society, inclusivity, and equality for all.  i’m not going to pick apart my political beliefs here, but i am anti-republican and anti-conservative.  if you don’t like it, tough titty…  you’re not welcome here.

* * *

i forgot to post a black square on june 2nd to the instagram account for this lil website, but you best belieeeeeeeve i had one up on my private, personal account.  i realize that doesn’t make me super woke or an amazing white woman.  all it did was clear a path for a voice that wasn’t mine to be heard for the day.  it does make me realize that we all still have to do more.  i have used, and will continue to use, my voice in IRL public protests and i will use my voice here on this site as well.  i will offer motivational and supportive wallpapers via digital art.

while i appreciated brands coming up and posting their IG/twitter posts about BLM, etc., i found some of them almost patronizing, mandatory and scripted.  i would have rather seen them already being a part of these movements and interests before this year.  i would have also loved to have seen great, big donations vs a social media post.  you’re either for change, or you’re not.  it can’t be whenever it’s convenient for the companie$$$.  clearly money makes a HUGE difference in these movements.

* * *

while new laws are slowly being passed in favor of the beginnings of changing the system(s), we’re still not there yet — we have a longgggg way to go and we all have to keep it going.  keep protesting, keep writing politicians, keep signing petitions, keep volunteering, keep donating, sharing legitimate information and links – – – do whatever you can.

while i don’t make money here, so i can’t donate proceeds of anything, what i can do is tell you where to donate and spread some knowledge.


don’t go into gofundme and search for a legitimate movement’s name – you could be donating to a fake one or one that just isn’t what you think it is.  gofundme is also full of legitimate fundraising — just make sure you’re donating to the one you mean to.

under the 2nd link below, there is a super resourceful collective of links and information within that site.

when i donate to black lives matter, i go straight to the website:

BLM also created this:

^ this has so much good info and links on it – there are correct and legitimate gofund me fundraisers as aforementioned. specifically for where to donate:


evil people are out there also spreading misinformation.  if you ever come across anything you think is shady or sus, reach out directly to BLM:

i am here to offer you my promise that this is a supportive, loving place and the wallpapers i make for these subjects are for positive and motivational energy from an ally.

if you have any requests for any movement wallpapers, feel free to request here.

thank you guys for using my wallpapers ♥ xo – jess

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