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apple watch wallpappies!

May 8th, 2021 @ 12:55 am

hey y’all, i know it’s been a while…  i kind of fell off of the wallpaper additions, sorry (pandemic fatigue affects a lot of my creativity… but i’m trying to get back into it).  anyways, i just wanted to update on a few new things!

i added a section for apple watch wallpapers today and then caught the code bug and updated the layout here…  small changes, but still, i thought they were better for user flow.

there aren’t that many in the section so far, but i’ll add as i go, or sift through randomly for wallpapers i think will fit watches well.  let me know if you see any you’d like to see in apple watch wallpaper form and i’ll add it!

if you don’t have an apple watch, sorry!

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