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this is fine

July 28th, 2021 @ 12:21 am


while i did create this wallpaper, i did NOT create the “this is fine” meme/comic or character.  it is a comic created by KC Green.  i am absolutely not trying to take credit for creating the meme/comic or character by adding an @666URC watermark to the wallpaper – i added it bc i EDITED the shit out of the image to size it into the resolution and shape of a wallpaper.  you know how the damn internet is… never actually acknowledging where things are from, and i’d rather someone finds this site via that lil @ tag so they can see ALL OF THE WALLPAPERS!

so KC, if you ever find your way here…  thank you for creating this timeless comic gem (i just bought the dumpster fire and i can’t wait until it’s on my shelf and i’m hoping you’re getting a piece of dat $$$). ♥

(…and understandably, i would remove if you didn’t want it on this site)

♥ jess


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