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let’s go mets!

September 11th, 2021 @ 7:13 am

any time i go to citi field, i always look at the bathroom floor and wonder if it’s recycled parts from shea stadium.  i tried to do research, but nothing really came up.  i saw something about how that type of floor texture is some spray treatment they do, so i highly doubt it.  if it were anything plastic, it’d be the seats, but i feel like maybe they sold most of them?

anyways, i’ve always been fascinated with the floors – it’s one of the only things that stand out about that ugly, shithole stadium.  it’s almost like its personality.  that stadium is just a pile of concrete and ugly bricks, but this floor always catches my eye.  i couldn’t find a good image of the floors whenever i googled it, so i figured i’d just get my own high-res version.  i snapped this picture of it myself, the last game i was there for.

WALLPAPER: mets-el-suelo-de-bano

so, now you have a piece of citi field to go and it’s straight from my phone camera and my eyeballs.  i love making my wallpapers from scratch!

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