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August 6th, 2023 @ 11:50 pm

hey y’all…  i know it’s been a while.  i just wanted to check in to let you know i was revamping things a lil here and there in the last few months.  here’s what changed:

NEW CATEGORY: HOMESCREENS (i decided to make one of these so you could have something that didn’t look super distracting behind your app icons)

NEW TAG: BAND TEES (i know i already have a deadstock tag, which is related – but very specifically, i can’t stand finding vintage band shirts for like $300 online.  nobody wants to pay that amount of money for a freakin’ vintage band tee…  so i’m just going to start replicating them into wallpapers, instead).

if you have any expensive band tees you want made into a wallpaper, HIT ME UP.  i’d love to create a wallpaper for it.  that goes for deadstock items, too.

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