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mobile phone wallpapers, lock screen wallpapers, phone backgrounds

(♥ WHATEVER YOU CALL ‘EM! they’re here, they’re free and they’re rad ♥)


thanks for stopping by my weird/rad corner of the interwebz.


i’m jess (full-time wordpress developer, part-time graphic designer).  i’ve been making these wallpapers for y’all since 2016.

i started this site because i used to have a website back in the day with an absurd amount of free myspace contact tables, and it inspired me to create this website.  i missed getting lost in photoshop for hours… so i figured this would be a good fix (and it keeps my skills up).

i also met a lot of rad people through those contact tables/myspace.  i’m not opposed to chatting it up, hit me up to say hi, drop requests, if you’re an artist that wants to contribute, etc.!

* * *

FYI: +++ you can add me on instagram for updates on when i post new wallpapers over @666URC!

i’m honestly really bad at keeping up, so check back here on the site often.  i usually post when i have a new batch of around 10 or more, but i’m constantly adding new wallpapers when creativity strikes. you can also tag them with #666URC to spread the word on tumblr, pinterest, IG, whatevz! i’d love to find you and for others to find you too!


i also make websites! @S2UDIO
i also make rad jewelry! @UNRULEDCLUB

♥ jess