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thanks for stopping by this weird mobile wallpaper site!

FIRSTLY… +++ you can add me on instagram for updates on when i post new wallpapers over @666URC!

FYI: i usually post when i have a new batch of around 10 or more. you can also tag them with #666URC to spread the word on tumblr, pinterest, IG, whatevz! i’d love to find you and for others to find you too!

@#(&!* ughhhh:

if these wallpapers don’t fit your device or if certain bars don’t line up (for status bars, clock area, etc.), it might be because i am an iphone user, and that’s what i geared these towards.  there are a bunch different device sizes, and i try to stick to just two general sizes, bc it’d be a lot of work to make more than two versions of one wallpaper in one shot.  i want to make lots of wallpapers often, so i need to keep it to these two sizes, *BUT* if you need to me to line up something differently or if you need a different size, hit me up directly!  it is absolutely no bother for a couple here and there.  if no one tells me things aren’t lining up, i have no idea to fix it!

i do also offer some ipad wallpapers on older wallpapers. if it’s available, the download button will automatically show.  if you want one for an ipad and it doesn’t exist, contact me!

if you have any wallpaper requests, i have a page for that!

these are intended and suggested for the lock screen vs the home screen.

i think that icons floating over these wallpapers might be a bit too busy on the eyes…
but use as you desire.


i’m a web developer/graphic designer that i had a website with an absurd amount of free myspace contact tables back in the day, and it inspired me to create this website.  i missed getting lost in photoshop for hours… so i figured this would be a good fix and it keeps my skills up.  i rarely put watermarks on the images, so if you could tag the IG account (@666URC) or tag any posts with #666URC to spread the word! ♥


i do not profit from this website AT ALL. graphic design has always been a hobby of mine, and i wanted to share them with you guys. i find various images from all over the internet (usually sourced incorrectly or not at all), and whenever possible, i reach out to artists i can to source them.  i seek out permission to use their art, i don’t just put it up there without permission. if you see your art and you’re not credited, please reach out! i’ll gladly credit you without hesitation, or i’ll remove it at your request.


i also make websites! @S2UDIO
i also make rad jewelry! @UNRULEDCLUB

♥ jess